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Yizkor Books

Many Yizkor books were written to commemorate Jewish Communities destroyed in the Holocaust. Typically, these books were written by the survivors of those communities. These books are usually in Hebrew and/or Yiddish.

The JewishGen website maintains a database of Yizkor Books; further information about Olkeniki in Flames, including a list of libraries holding a copy, may be viewed on the JewishGen website by clicking here.

The National Yiddish Book Center, in a project with the New York Public Library, has digitized many Yizkor books. The digital reprints of these books may be ordered online

For Olkeniki, there are two Yizkor books. The Yizkor Book Ha-ayara be-lehavot; sefer zikaron le-kehilat Olkenik pelekh Vilna ("Olkeniki in Flames; a memorial book") was edited by Shlomo Farber, and published in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1962. 






A translation of the necrology of Olkeniki in Flames has become available thru the efforts of Marcia Pailet-Abrams Jaffe. The necrology is available as an Excel spreadsheet and an HTML file, on this website.

Under the auspices of JewishGen, we have begun a translation project for Olkeniki in Flames: http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Valkininkai/Valkininkai.html. The necrology is also available on the JewishGen website.

A second Yizkor Book, Olkeniki, A Town that Existed, was published by the students at Reali Hebrew School of Haifa, with the cooperation of the remnants of the Jewish community of Olkanik (sic), in 1967.  A translation project for this book has also begun: http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Valkininkai1/Valkininkai1.html.






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