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Cemetery Gravestone Photographs

  •  Olkeniki - 1992 - 136 Photographs (in process)
  •  Varena - 1991 - 95 Photographs (coming soon)

These photographs have been donated from various sources and are copyrighted by the owner. If you would like to contribute photographs, please contact the webmaster - we'd love to have more photographs of the gravestones, especially if the inscriptions are legible. Note that there are techniques for enhancing the inscription before taking a photograph - these are discussed in various genealogy / photography newsgroups and websites.

Photograph quality varies widely.  If you understand how to enhance the inscriptions using Adobe Photoshop, please contact the webmaster so that he can learn how to do this!

We hope that each page will have one or more sets of comments / translations. If you can help translate these images, please contact the webmaster. When writing about specific photographs, please include the small picture number at the bottom or side of the photograph.

Initially, the photographs will be displayed on pages with eight rather large "thumbnails," each of which has a hyperlink to a larger image. Once we have finished setting up all the photographs and pages, we will create an index page for each cemetery, so that it won't be necessary to scroll through all the thumbnails to reach an image.

Link to IAJGS Cemetery Project information for Olkeniki.
Link to IAJGS Cemetery Project information for Varena.

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